Computer Virus Malware Removal

Laptop computer viruses can be very costly if they are not removed properly. Spyware, adware, pop ups, malware, Trojans, Worms, whatever nasty virus your laptop computer / PC has been infected with, we can remove all types of virus and malicious software. We can even take a backup of your data prior to carrying out any work, if there is important data that you are worried about. 

In addition to cleaning the computer, we install the latest security software and Microsoft updates for Windows to keep you protected online. 

 Virus infections can cause all sort of issues on laptops from stopping internet connection working, fake warnings, causing the system to crash or fill your screen with pop-ups.

  • Is your computer getting slower by the day?
  • Hassled by pop ups every minute or your home page has changed to a search engine or adult site?
  • Does your computer locked by fake Police warning and asking money?
  • Are you getting unusual errors or having trouble using everyday programs?
  • Does Your Computer just switch off, blue Screen and crash?
  • Does Your Web Browser crash and freeze?
  • Are you getting phone calls from scammers claiming to be Microsoft, who are trying to sell you software which will “clean” your computer?
Virus Removal

How long will it take to remove virus and repair Operating System?

We offer fixed rate virus removal and in most cases return your laptop / computer next day or alternatively we can visit you (Oxford and Oxfordshire). 

To book your repair simply Book Your Repair or give us a call on 07814520043.
  • We collect your laptop for £5  from within Oxford, £15 within five miles Oxford City Centre and £20 from anywhere in UK.
  • We repair and deliver your laptop back to your door or you can collect directly from us

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