Faulty or Dead Laptop Hard Drive Repair

Laptop hard drive failure is unfortunately one of the common hardware problems a computer owner can face. Even using the precautions, hard drive failure can still occur. Be sure that you back up any important data files, like photos, music, or documents on an external drive to avoid a costly data recovery bill in the event your hard drive does fail. 

The first you may notice is that Windows will not power up properly or there are frequent Window or other software crashes. Often errors can be corrected but it may be necessary to install a new hard drive and either copy data or re-install Windows. Faulty laptop hard drive repair service labour cost only £49. Please contact us for more detail.

Hard drive failure can be logical failure, physical failure or media problem and symptoms are such as corrupted data and slowing down of the PC, because repeated read attempts from failing HDD area before successful access. Hard drive failure can cause by many other computer issues such as malware or virus attack. Bad sectors on hard drive can be a sign of a failing hard drive or cyclical repetitive pattern of seek activity such as rapid or slower seek-to-end noises other words called click of death.
Free laptop problem diagnostics, please contact. 
Hard Drive repairs

Laptop Repairs Oxford can:

  • Diagnose the hard drive faults
  • Offer data recover options at competitive pricing
  • Repair or replace a faulty laptop hard drive
  • Re-install your data and operating system to a new drive
  • Provide affordable hard-drive backup solutions

Hard drive faults are commonly caused by:

  • Drops & knocks.
  • Extremes of temperature
  • Lose of power wile in use
  • Manufacturing Failure
  • Vibrations- using laptop on the move
  • Wear & Tear

Common HDD Failure Symptoms:

  • Your PC or laptop has crashed or does not start up
  • Laptop computer unexpectedly slowing down
  • Laptop hard drive makes grinding or clicking noises
  • Laptop hard drive is inaccessible
  • Laptop  BIOS displays the message "Primary hard disk failure" or "Secondary hard disk failure"
  • Laptop BIOS recognises the hard drive but the data is inaccessible;
  • Laptop displays the error message "boot disk error, insert boot disk press any key to continue"
  • Laptop displays the message "NTLDR is missing, Press any key to restart"
  • Laptop displays the message "Operating system not found" or "missing operating system"
  • Laptop hard drive is no longer recognized by the BIOS after rebooting, despite the platters spinning
  • The hard drive reports bad sectors

Laptop Repairs Oxford offer a data recovery service, if your hard drive has failed or has been damaged please contact us for further advice.


How long will it take to repair my laptop with HDD problems?

We stock most of replacement hard drives which means that we can repair and dispatch most laptop hard drive repairs on the same day that we receive your laptop.

To book your repair simply Book Your Repair or give us a call on 07814520043.
  • We collect your laptop for £5  from within Oxford, £15 within five miles Oxford City Centre and £20 from anywhere in UK.
  • Laptop hard drive repair quote given before repairs are started. Standard labour price is £49
  • We repair and deliver your laptop back to your door or you can collect directly from us

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